Roasting Spit
Roasting Spit
Roasting Spit
Roasting Spit
Roasting Spit
Roasting Spit

Roasting Spit

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Roasting experience

You can take this compact and portable Roasting Spit with you everywhere you go. It creates a real bushcraft experience! You can use the Roasting Spit in combination with the Firepit, but also above a camping fire. Thanks to the Roasting Spit, you are able to prepare your food everywhere!

Compact design

The Roasting Spit consists of 3 elements, which makes the cooking accessory very compact and handy to take with you during your camping trip. Moreover; we always deliver the Roasting Spit together with a cover bag.

Lock in place

Thanks to the square block on the handle you can fix the Roasting Spit. This prevents the spit from rotating. In this way you prevent your food from unintentionally starting to rotate above the fire.

Without Firekorf

If you do not have a Firekorf, you can also use this Roasting Spit. You can use the two metal poles as an extension for the brackets of the Firekorf. These poles are then fixed in the ground above an open campfire. Talk about a real bushcraft experience!

With Firekorf

The Roasting Spit can easily be used in combination with our Firekorf. The parts fit together perfectly and can be stored together in the included carrier bag. Ideal for a campfire and grill experience with family and friends.

Dimensions assembled 
Height4 cm / 6,3 inch
Width17 cm / 4,7 inch
Length36 cm / 4,7 inch
Dimensions open 
Height13 cm / 5,1 inch
Width9 cm / 3,5 inch
Length85 cm / 33,5 inch
Weight0,6 kg / 2,2 pound
Material304 stainless steel and walnut wood

Roasting Spit

Roasting Spit
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